And no, PJ’s are not the answer. Are you even wearing shoes right now?

But seriously, the world has completely changed in the space of a week. Working from home is the norm for me, but I also understand that it’s not for most.

With so many things changing, getting dressed just might seem all a bit too hard (PJ’s are comfy, I get it), but TRUST ME, it can make such a huge difference to your mindeset and productivity to JUST. GET. DRESSED.

Last week, I wrote a little post on my top tips for working from home, but this post is more specific.

I’ve got some outfit inspo to get you in the mood for getting dressed before you “head to work” at the kitchen table.

This is the ultimate example of “don’t leave the good china for a special occasion”, life is the special occasion, and this is evident more than ever now.

So here are a few outfits you could put together to feel the part, and also be comfortable, when you’re working from home.


1. Loose Layers

Comfort is key, but you also want to feel put-together (rather than just throwing something on). A loose-fitting dress give you all the comfort, but adding a light layer to create some interest makes the look feel more elevated.

To be honest, I don’t often wear shoes when I”m working from home (I like to sit with my legs crossed up on my chair) but my husband does, he says it makes him feel more dressed.

So add shoes if you want!

Cait wears a cropped white top over an animal print maxi dress with white trainers. she is standing on a garden path. she is wearing Minx Shoes and the PQ Collection peak front maxi dress

I’m wearing the Angel Wings top from C.Reed Clothing | PQ Collection Peak Front Maxi Dress | Minx Shoes “Bay’ high top trainers


2. Find pants with stretch

If pants don’t have any stretch in them, why are you wearing them anyway haha! But seriously, if you can find pants that make you feel like you’re in your PJ’s, but you LOOK like you’re not in your PJ’s.

Add a more structured jacket, rather than just throwing on a hoodie, and volia! You’ve got the perfect working from home look.

GET THE LOOK: Max linen long sleeve tee | Zara bomber jacket | Country Road stretch jeggings | Walnut slides from Birdesnest


I’ve been on the wide-leg pant train for a little while now, and I know I’m slowly converting others. So take my word for it when I tell you, wide leg pants are officially my fave type of pants – somewhat because they look frickin’ cool, but mostly because they feel AMAZING to wear!

If you can double-down on the stretch (usually in the waistband) + wide leg, you have the dream working from home pant situation. Pair them back with a fitted top, or tuck a top in for a polished look.

I’m wearing Little Party Dress Frances dress (as a top) | old season Seed pants | Minx leather “Bandit” trainers


4. Time for a Tee

Tees aren’t just for the weekend. If you want to pop on your fave tee, you can dress it up for a work-type environment. Add a cool skirt (or wide leg pants like I mentioned above) and put your shoes on (an no, not slippers).

Look for tees that make you happy. They might say something cool, or just be a colour that you really love! (and no, I don’t mean the tees that are sitting in that bottom draw for doing chores around the house!)

I’m wearing a Senora Mariposa tee | Decjuba midi skirt | The Warehouse slides


5. Loungewear is acceptable (maybe just on casual Friday’s though)

But note, this is NOT activewear haha. Fine line I know, and if you do plan on heading out for a walk every now and then to give your brain some space, obvs put your walking gear on.

But my advice would be to not start to turn up to ‘work’ every morning in it. It’s that mind-set thing remember. If you want to stay positive and focused on getting some solid work done, then dress the part like you mean it!

GET THE LOOK: Decjuba stuffed denim jacket | Kmart twist tie tee | Kmart loungewear pants | Allbirds trainers


The silver lining to the whole work from home thing?

YOU set the dresscode for your workplace. If you want to be a little more playful with your style, now is the time to do it! Who cares if no one else sees you, style is personal. It’s about wearing things YOU love.

(or you can always jump on the group zoom meeting dressed to the nine’s if you want to show of your fab outfit)


If you want some extra help and inspo, I’m going to have a little “working from home style” challenge over on the social medias.

Take a snap of your best working from home look, use the hashtag #chasingcaitwfhstyle and tag me over on Instagram and Facebook. I’d love to see your looks!

These are weird and unsettling times for all of us right now. I hope you’re staying well both physically and mentally. It’s time to hold on for the ride.

Hopefully this just gives you a little pause to think about something lighter. Use this time at home the best you can.

Stay safe.

In Love & Style (from the couch)