Haha I know, it made me laugh too… Exercise? I thought you said “Accessorise!”. BUT when I looked at the calendar and realised it was only 5 months until my wedding, well! That gym pass came out pretty quick {sidebar: want a laugh!? Read this... you’ll get the gym reference eventually}

So! Now that we have decided it’s time to hit the gym, or the pavement, or the Zumba class again, we want to look amazing doing it right?! No really, studies have shown (well, by studies I mean ME) that if you feel like you look the part, and have fun gym clothes to work out in, you are more likely to actually GO work out!

So let’s look at three different physical activities and how you can look and feel your best whilst working up a sweat


It needs to be light-weight, comfortable and supportive (especially us girls with a bigger bust!) – but at the same time it needs to look cool too…..


SHOP THE LOOK: 1. Lululemon lightweight pullover $169 | 2. CottonOn Active tights $34.95 | 3. Bendon Active contour sports bra $49.95 | 4. Active Intent singlet from The Warehouse $14.00 | 5. Adidas running shoes $230.00


Once again, comfort is key, but you can wear slightly looser clothing as there isn’t as much high impact movement. Relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax.


SHOP THE LOOK: 1. CottonOn Active studio pants $19.95 | 2. Rubi Shoes espadrilles $29.95 | 3. Active Intent from The Warehouse workout tee $20.00 | 4. Lululemon yoga mat $79.00

Swimming/aqua aerobics

Now I’ve been a swimmer all my life, so I have no issues pulling on the old cap and goggles – but if you are new to the pool then you might feel a little silly. So brighten up your look with some fun togs and no one will be looking at your cap 😉


SHOP THE LOOK: 1. Funkita one piece $84.95 | 2. Finz goggles from Rebel Sport $19.99 | 3. Finz silicone cap from Rebel Sport $4.99 | 4. Ottoloom turkish towel from $40.

So there are just a few options (most of which don’t involve black, grey or navy – colours we tend to normally associate with boring gym gear). Most of these options are affordable and I figure if you are going to get them all sweaty and smelly, you probably don’t want to pay through the nose (save that for the expensive heels you wear once a year right?!) BUT they still look pretty.

So remember – exercise is about looking and feeling great, inside and out, but there is no reason not to look pretty doing it right?

What’s your favourite workout? Do you dress up? Or is it old, smelly, sweats for you? Tell me in the comments below – I’d love to know!

Until next time,
In Love & Style (& Sweat) Always
Cait xoxo