On the back of my ‘What I Wore Today’ posts that are designed to show you how easy it is to look good on ANY budget, I’ve decided to add to that series with a bunch of posts on what YOU, my readers and personal styling clients are wearing!

Many of you know that I’m a personal stylist, or style coach, so I thought it would be a good way to show you some of my gorgeous clients looking amazing in their clothes that we bought together.

A reader of the blog also asked if I could put up images of different body shapes, heights, ages etc into the What I Wore Today series which I think in an awesome idea (thanks Jody!!) so this series is a combination of the two….. enjoy!

What GEMMA Wore

Client: Lovely Gemma was actually dobbed in by her boyfriend Chris, who felt bad every time Gemma came home from a shopping experience feeling deflated and empty-handed! Chris came to me and bought a gift voucher for Gemma for a couple of hours personal shopping.

Why she booked: Gemma finds shopping quite overwhelming (something that I’m sure sounds familiar to heaps of you!). She doesn’t know where to start when looking for something so often ends up leaving without the things she was looking for.

What she needed: We went looking for a couple of dresses to wear to a bunch of upcoming events her and Chris were attending over the next few months – weddings, engagement parties etc.

What we found:

Gemma looking amazing all ready to head to a friends wedding

Gemma looking amazing all ready to head to a friend’s wedding

How amazing is this dress from MAX! We wanted something that wasn’t black, but still appropriate for a cocktail wedding.

Overall we found 4 dresses on the day to cover her for all her events – she also told me she was confident enough after our session to go online and buy a dress from boohoo.com too! So proud!

Hopefully this will become a regular series on the blog – so if you have had a session with me and would like to feature, I’d love you to send me some pics of you wearing an outfit we found for you on our shop! Send them to caitlin@chasingcait.com

For more information on my PERSONAL STYLING services, check out my styling website – www.styledbychasingcait.com

Love & style always

Cait xoxo


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