Summer, oh how I miss you. All that is in my summer beauty bag is a bit of 30+, a bit of BB cream and some lip gloss (ok, there’s a little more to it than that, but I’m sure everything seems easier in Summer!)

Ok, enough pining for Summer, Winter is here and I have to deal. So let’s talk about some of the essentials you should have in your beauty bag for the colder, chillier, wetter, darker, yuckier (ok I’ll stop now) months.

I want to share my top 6 beauty products that have made their way to the top of my must-have list faster than you can say “no-honey-I-don’t-mind-if-you-watch-that-third-game-of-rugby-in-a-row”…..So here they are!

Winter beauty bag.jpg

1. Garnier Fructis Miraculous Oil $15.99  – this has saved my hair over the winter! My hair is drier, frizzier, and I can’t use the surf like I normally do to get a few extra days of “beach hair”. I squirt a drop the size of a beer bottle top, rub my palms together and then run this through my towel-dried hair, starting at the ends (I don’t need any extra oil at my roots!) – Available from supermarkets everywhere

2. Revlon Colorburst matte balm in Audacious $12.95 – colour! I need to find SOME way to add colour to my life in winter (here are a few more ideas on how to do that btw).This gorgeous matte stick from Revlon was cheap (under $15), it’s bright and the colour is strong. It has a slight peppermint smell and taste to it and tingles a little when you apply. Available from most pharmacies (Life Phamacy in NZ and Priceline in Aus)

3. Grown Alchemist persian rose & argan extract intensive hand cream $27.95 – this is hands down (get it?! hands!?….) anyway, my favourite winter beauty find, I swear I run it on my hands about 12 times a day. It’s the smell. I can’t even explain – it’s smells like how I want my life to look – I know that doesn’t even make sense, but trust me, it’s that life-changing. Plus it’s one of those hand creams that ACTUALLY rubs in when you need it too (so you can still do the slide-y thing on your phone and such). In Auckland? grab it from The Flaunt Store in Ponsonby, or online here for everyone else.

4. Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum $91.50 – I like to have different scents for Summer and Winter and this yummy rich, fruity scent works perfectly for my Winter smell. It’s warm and soft, and reminds me of sitting by the fire with a scarf wrapped around my neck.

5. Q-Silica Paw Paw Ointment from $18.50 – not just another paw paw ointment (does anyone else find they just keep the moisture out? Rather than adding in it?) It promises to “deeply nourish, soothe and condition dry skin and moisturise chapped lips” and I think it really does deliver.  In Auckland grab it from The Flaunt Store.

6. ghd final shine spray no more fly-aways and whispy bits once this baby does the once-over! Complete your hairstyle, then a quick spray of this and you’re good to go. For REALLY bad fly-aways, try spraying it directly onto the brush and then lightly brush over your hair (the experts call it ‘dressing out’) – all ghd products are only available in salons around the country.

So there’s a quick peek in my Winter beauty bag – what’s in yours? I always love learning about awesome products other people have found?

Tell me in the comments below for your chance to WIN your very own tube of Grown Alchemist Persian Rose & Argan Extract Intensive Hand Cream valued at $27.95

Until next time,
In Love & Style Always,
Cait xoxo