Personal style is something that I work hard with my styling clients to perfect, and I often get asked where I get my style inspiration.

Some of my styling experiences come with a session where I create outfits for my clients out of their existing clothes, combined with any new purchases we make together. It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle in my brain, but like most things, the more you practice, the better you get.

But I still have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to finding inspiring everyday outfits that I know will look good on my own body, suit my lifestyle, AND that I can create using clothes I already own!

I wanted to share one in particular with you;

STEAL your style!

Yup! It’s a simple as that! if you see someone wearing something you like, see if you can copy it.

I totally do this all the time, mostly on either Instagram or Pinterest. They both have the functionality to save images (Insta you can save any image to a collection by tapping the little flag-looking icon) and Pinterest is literally designed for this! I’ve got a whole bunch of boards dedicated to either different seasons, or a particular look I like (like pleated skirts, or graphic tees).

Here are a few looks that have come pretty much straight from my Pinterest boards or Insta Collections, and also how you can get the looks yourself too with pieces currently available.

INSPO: I think I’ve tried to pin this look about 4 times so clearly its a fave! | ME: Easy, mum uniform for the weekend

GET MY LOOK: Similar coat from Decjuba | Similar knit from The Iconic | Pants are the Decjuba ‘best pants ever” | Similar trainers from Hannahs

INSPO: I loved the idea of a pleated skirt with a longer-line coatigan (image from Feather & Noise Insta) | ME: My own version, it gets a run at least once a week atm

GET MY LOOK: Just Jeans coatigan (really similar here) | Kmart sweater (similar here)Max pleated skirt*Similar boots from Frankie4 Footwear*

INSPO: Could I also have this couch in my house? | ME: Sequins in the day, yes please!

GET MY LOOK: Similar cardigan from Birdsnest | Similar tee from Kmart (original one may still be in some stores) | Similar skirt from The Iconic | Similar trainers from Merchant 


INSPO: I love love the idea of belting a jumper or cardigan | ME: I love that I had ALL these pieces already in my wardrobe to replicate this look

GET MY LOOK: Similar coat/cardi from Orange SherbetKmart drop shoulder jumper | Zara pleated skirt (similar here) | FRANKIE4 Footwear “NAOMi” boots* | Madewell tote from Shopbop | vintage belt (check out your local op shops for one!)


See the thing is, you don’t have to copy the look exactly, but you can definitely get a whole bunch of inspo from different places right? (and yes, you can absolutely steal the look head to toe exactly if you want to also… 😉 )

BONUS EXPERT TIP: Work out how to make sure the look works on YOU.

Break down what it is exactly you like about a look;

  • Is it the colour combo?
  • Is it the proportions?
  • Is is the combination of pieces?

Then ask yourself;

  • how can I make this work on MY body and for MY lifestyle
  • do I have pieces I already own that I can use to create this look

I find by asking yourself these questions, it saves you buying something just because you like it on someone else… and then you work out it’s not for you when it’s too late.

So go on, tell me, who’s style do you want to steal?

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,







*these are wee affiliate links, which means I make a small commission if you swipe your credit card as a result of seeing it on my blog. But rest assured, all my recommendations are from the heart and products that I believe in. x