The irony of me sitting here IN my pyjamas writing about pyjamas is not lost on me…….

This blog post was a special request from my gorgeous sis-in-law, who was saying to me last night that she always struggles to find jammies that aren’t made to look like they are for 12-year-olds, or at the other end of the spectrum, made to be taken off (if you know what I mean, wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

So in true Chasing Cait style, I’ve gone on the hunt FOR her (and you too!) and tracked down some of the coolest jammies out there.



Now what do we want in sleepwear? Comfy, nothing too fussy (I HATE it when I get tangled in the straps, and then my nightie rides up over my head in the night).

We want to be practical, but not just always throw on our partners old tee, something a little cute or sexy, without being scratchy, cheap lace and satin right?

Well I think I’ve found a few option to cover those bases (I also may have now BOUGHT a few options, the joys of “research”). Here they are…..

Fun and Funky


SHOP THE FUN: (l-r) Sussan PJ set $69.95 (aus) | watermelon set $20 | long pants set $30 | Asos nighty $46

I love the prints, I love the sets, and depending on how hot or cold you get over night, just get the longer or the shorter version. There are so many of these fun sets around at the moment, they are so cute, you could ALMOST wear them all day long haha!

Sexy Sleepwear

sexy sleepwear

SHOP THE LOOKS: Bras ‘n’ Things chemise $44.95 | Peter Alexander knit sporty nightie $79.99 | lace trim teddy $20

I love these pieces (I own the one on the left, and have just ordered the teddy, I’m LOVING what they have in terms of sleepwear atm!) because they are a little bit sexy, but still made from really wearable, soft, everyday (or every-night) fabric.

So there is something a little bit fun, or a little bit sexy. Who says we shouldn’t have fun with out jammies! Besides, you never know who could be coming to the door haha! (that reminds me, I really should go get dressed now….)

Do you love fun jammies? Or are you just an old tee-shirt kinda gal?

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,