One of the main themes around both the blog and what I do as a personal stylist is all about Body Love. As women we are far too quick to be critical of our own (and sometimes, other women’s) bodies. Styling clients have no problems pointing out to me the parts of their body they aren’t happy with, but really struggle to tell me the parts they like. It makes me sad.

Funny, but we need to stop doing this to ourselves OK??

Funny, but we need to stop doing this to ourselves OK??

So I always try and get my clients (and friends and family should it come up in conversation) to think about their best physical attributes – everyone has them, but sadly, most women find it much harder to come up with some good points about their body than the bad points. Once I explain to clients that dressing well for your body shape is all about recognising the things you LIKE about yourself, and then drawing attention to them with clothing and accessories, it starts them thinking a little more along the positive wave-length.

Also, by getting my clients to tell ME about their best bits, rather than me tell THEM, it starts the process of turning around that negative thinking about their own body.

So when I saw the campaign that Marie Claire are running, I had to get on the band wagon – it’s all about promoting self love about our bodies TODAY, not tomorrow, not when we lose 5 kgs, not when we’ve toned up our tummy and arms, but NOW.

This is me - no makeup - just as I am - and I'm ok with that, why wait until I'm 45 to love what I've got!

This is me – no makeup – just as I am – and I’m ok with that, why wait until I’m 45 to love what I’ve got!


By showing off a good body part (boobs) no one is looking at other parts…. (Just ask your man, or ANY man for that matter….)

I have long legs, so I like to wear either short skirts that show them off, or maxi dresses that emphasis my height

I have long legs, so I like to wear either short skirts that show them off, or maxi dresses that emphasis my height

According to a Marie Claire study, the average age a woman is happy with her body is 45. Smart ladies those 45-year-olds! But why does it take the rest of us so long! Our body is the only one we’ve got, and by learning to love it NOW, it can take away so much angst and negativity from our lives.

Here are some of MY amazing friends sharing why they love their bodies…..

Dani says:

My legs are my favourite thing – as a wise friend once said, they start under my armpits Even if I’m having a crap day, I always feel great when I get my pins out on show.

Dani loves her legs (someone once told her they start under her armpits) Even when she is feeling crap, she'll show her pins and boost her confidence!



My gorgeous high school girlfriend (and bridesmaid!) gave birth to her gorgeous daughter, Mila, just on 6 months ago. How amazing does Henri look! (baby or no baby, she is a gem)



Cate says:

Things I love on me: Shoulders, hips, bum, legs, ankles and feet.



Amber (also a bridesmaid) says:

Hi, I’m Amber. I’m a self confessed beauty addict and former tanorexic. I am blessed with olive skin, eyes that change colour from grey-to-blue-to-green and a great smile. I have a tiny waist, good ol’ child bearing hips and a ghetto booty. What’s not to love?

I am a classic pear shape and when I was younger I wished I was more hourglass shaped with slightly broader shoulders to even out my booty or I wished I was more lean n’ leggy but alas, I am not. I am me.

As I have gotten older I have learnt to love and appreciate who I am and how I look. I have learnt to wear things that compliment or enhance my best features.  I have also realised that many of the things I am not fond of make me unique and I have learnt to love them too (I am still learning to love my feet). There is certainly a physical aspect to beauty but I think the things that make me most beautiful include my confidence, generosity and sense of humour (I’m pretty funny).

Amber loves


Aren’t they amazing these girls!

Now it’s your turn…..

Join In:The average age a woman learns to like her body is 45, according to a recent study. Marie Claire say: why wait?

1. Take a photo of yourself holding the #WhyWait photo (download yours below).

2. Upload the photo to your preferred social platform (FacebookTwitter or Instagram) and use the hashtags #whywait and #marie_claire_au.

3. Share it – and spread the the message. Marie Claire will repost and retweet!


Make sure you tag me too so I can see how amazing you are – get on board and why wait?

Love & Style Always

Cait xoxox

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