Now I don’t often tell EVERYONE of every shape and size that they all need to wear the same piece of clothing – I think clothes are an expression of your individuality, and if we all wore the same thing how boring would the world be!

BUT there are definitely exceptions to the rule – and this is one of them; THE DENIM JACKET.

80′ throw back? Maybe. Something that should have pride of place in your wardrobe now? Definitely.

So what is so great about a denim jacket? Simply the fact that it is one of the most VERSATILE pieces you can have in your wardrobe. It pretty much goes with everything.

denim jacket

My denim jacket pretty much gets an outing at least once a week (if not more!) and I ALWAYS travel with it (left to right: Melbourne, Auckland, Brisbane)

The denim jacket is one of the KEY ways to rock that cool-casual weekend look that well all try and get right!

Use it to DRESS DOWN things that you think are maybe too “good” to wear on the weekends, or in a casual setting. In summer, I will also wear a denim jacket over a silk maxi dress, or sundress that is maybe a bit too dressy for a relaxed situation – but the jacket brings it down to the right dress code.

It’s also a great piece to layer with (like I am in the middle picture) – particularly if you AREN’T wearing jeans on the bottom. The cropped styles are great for defining your waist if you are wearing something a little looser too.

A note on wearing a denim jacket with jeans: I’m not a huge fan of double denim, BUT if your jacket and jeans are totally different colours it can definitely work! (so for instance, wear a dark denim pair of jeans, and a lighter jacket – then it doesn’t look like you are wearing a suit-O-denim)

So here are three of the best out at the moment and make sure you keep an eye on my #everydaystyle outfits for ideas on different ways to wear your jacket!

best of the rest

SHOP THE LOOK: CottonOn “devon” denim jacket $49.95 | Jeanswest “jenna” denim jacket $89.99 | Max knitted denim jacket $119.00

Which one will YOU choose?

Have you seen any other awesome denim jackets around? Share the love – tell us in the comments below where you’ve seen one!

Until Next Time,
In Love & Style Always
Cait xoxo


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