Here’s the third post in my weekly Winter Essentials Series – if you missed the other two, you can check them out HERE (the winter dress) and HERE (ankle boots).

Now I do love me a good coat! (I think the novelty of living in a climate that actually has a winter hasn’t worn off yet….) and even though it’s a wee bit chilly in the mornings here now in Auckland, it’s not yet reached that point of “how many layers can I put on to stop the shivering” yet – in other words, it’s cold – but not quite COAT cold. Enter this week’s Winter Wardrobe Essential – THE LEATHER JACKET

WWEThe leather jacket.jpg

Why I Love Them

To me, a good leather jacket is that perfect in-between layer for when it’s a little cold, possibly a little rainy but not quite freezing. They are great for Autumn/early Spring temps – and even a mild winter day!

They create a great wind-proof barrier, and add insulation (as 99& of the time they are lined) but they are much more sleek and fitted that a big, bulky jumper of coat.

Here are a few of my picks this season:

Real vx Faux

This decision is totally up to you. I have to say that my 3 leather jackets are all real leather – I like the feel and the longevity I get out of real leather. But saying that, there are some bangin’ faux options around (and they are a little kinder on the bank balance).

This is my favourite leather jacket! It’s a Trelise Cooper and I bought in on sale (so it wasn’t toooooo expensive). We al wear so much black in winter so I thought it would be great to get a colour to contrast against all that black…..

TC leather jacket

And here are some great faux leather options…..

How To Wear Them

My personal favourite way to rock a leather jacket is with a feminine frock. It may come as a surprise to you, but rock god I am not, therefore I need to add a little femininity to my look when wearing leather.

Leather jacket and lace

This wearing option works particularly well with the more cropped, bomber/biker style jackets as you still want to get the proportions right (ie. jacket finishing / defining your waist).

If a jeans are more your thing, go for a longer, slightly more blazer-looking style, that way the hem of the jacket will come down over the waist of your pants, elongating your body.

So colour vs black, cropped vs classic – you can’t go wrong really! Do you love a leather jacket? How do you wear yours – I’d love to know, tell me in the comments below!

Until next time,
In Style & Love Always
Cait xoxo


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