Here’s the fourth post in my weekly Winter Essentials Series – if you missed the other three, you can check them out HERE (the winter dress), HERE (ankle boots) and HERE (leather jacket).

Um so yeah. Sh*t just got cold. It was 1.C this morning in Auckland. In May. For those of you that don’t know, that’s about as cold as it gets here (and them some!) So this post is quite fortuitous – I may, or may not be writing this will gloves, scarf AND beanie still on!

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So on that note, let’s talk Winter Accessories! Just because it’s cold and you have 70 billion layers on (I don’t exaggerate much) doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize! In fact, it’s almost MORE fun to accessorize in winter – scarfs and gloves and hats oh my!

Here are three of my favourite accessories that everyone should be wearing this winter.


Scarves play a HUGE part in my winter wardrobe - First and foremost, they create a VERTICAL LINE down my body! This little beauty was a gift from my little brother all the way from Afghanistan!

Scarves play a HUGE part in my winter wardrobe – First and foremost, they create a VERTICAL LINE down my body!
This little beauty was a gift from my little brother all the way from Afghanistan!


Stuck on how to tie your scarf? Then you HAVE to check out this cool video from US retail giant Nordstrom, there are some AWESOME ways to wear a scarf. (I’m loving the kimono way!)

So there are pretty much a gazillion scarves out there and it can be overwhelming! The trick to buying scarves is look for colours and prints that you are drawn to, and that MATCH the clothes you already have in your wardrobe! So here are a few of my picks at the moment!

left) middle) right)

left) Blue Bungalow raspberry and white chevron scarf $29.90 middle) ASOS Aztec woven scarf $26.75 right) Witchery smudge print scarf $59.90

Remember, scarves are great for creating VERTICAL LINES down your body which will help break up all that bulk that winter can add.


The only downside to wearing gloves is that it’s practically impossible to use your iPhone with them on (am I right?!) but I’ve even found a little pair that leaves your finger tips out just so you can still keep on posting to Instagram haha!

Keeping your extremities warm is always crucial to staying toasty when it’s cold, and as always, gloves are another great way to add personality and pop to your outfit! I’m in LOVE with these magenta leather gloves from ASOS – they look so soft and glamorous!

one. two. three

one. ASOS dents leather gloves $89.10 two. Forever New ‘octavia’ bow mitts $19.99. three. Portmans two button gloves $19.95



Now it’s a commonly known fact that we lose quite a lost of heat through our head – so why not pop on a hat or beanie when it’s chilly outside (also great for hiding a bad hair day!)

My personal favourite is my magenta felt hat from Glassons (below on the left) – it not only keeps that winter sun off my nose (it sees enough sun in summer) but it keeps my head warm too. I’m also a fan of the beanie (also from good old “House of G!”), it’s a little more relaxed, so doesn’t give me hat hair as badly!

Cait hats_ChasingCaitAs you can see, it doesn’t just have to be a beanie to keep you warm! A felt hat or cap, or even a knit headband could do the job (I have one on order from Asos so I’ll let you know how it goes!)

one. two. three. four.

one. Glassons felt fedora $29.99 two. Decjuba ‘joey’ beanie $29.95. three. Glassons woven headband $12.99. four.Witchery felt cap $49.90

So just add one of two of these accessories to your winter look and you will be warm AND stylish all in one go! How awesome is that!

What is your favourite winter accessory? Have I missed any? Let me know in the comments below

Until next time,
In Love & Style Always
Cait xoxo


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