bright tights

It’s Winter (I feel the need to tell you just in case you haven’t noticed….) which means that I haven’t actually seen my legs in 6 weeks – they are always covered in pants, or trackies and uggs (only at home though) or tights. In fact it’s mostly tights as I still like to wear frocks in winter (you can read more about that here if you like… or you could finish this post first and THEN go and read it ok?).

So because I’ve been wearing tights almost every day, I decided to change it up the other day and add some colour to my legs! (No I didn’t get a spray tan, that’s in a few weeks before I head to Thailand…. squeeeeee!!!) I put on my raspberry tights!

coloured tights




These little beauties came from a quaint boutique on Waiheke Island a couple of years ago, but you can pick up a pair from almost any chain-store or even the supermarket! Try Forever New or Portmans or even Kmart (or Target for you lucky Aussies – I miss Target) or The Warehouse over here in En Zed.

But you don’t just have to try colour – go for texture, or print or just something a little different – it’s a great way to give your winter wardrobe a little bit of spunk…..


What is going to make your outfit great this winter??

Cait xo

PS> This post features on the wonderful Kiwi Women’s Style Wardrobe Wednesday series too – check out all the other cool blogs here!


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