What body shape are you?

Maybe you’ve been looking around my blog, or you’ve come to this page from Pinterest, but no matter how you got here, the first step in becoming a more confident, stylish you is to work out what shape you really are – your wardrobe (and your self-esteem) will thank you!

Grab a pen and paper to answer the 5 simple questions below to find YOUR wonderful shape. There are no right or wrong answers – be honest with yourself and about your shape and you’ll get the most out of this test and the information it brings you (and I’ll also be able to help you better).

Take this test standing in front of a full-length mirror, wearing either your underwear or tight-fitting clothes that don’t distort your natural shape – stand front on to the mirror.

body shape quiz.jpg

As you answer each question, write down the shape/s that corresponds to that answer. The shape you write down the most is YOUR shape:

Body Shape Quiz image.jpg


See not so hard was it? OK, now look at how many times you have written down each shape – the shape you have answered the most is YOUR SHAPE!


Now lets verify your shape…Click on the SHAPE you think you are and see if the attributes sound like you!

[accordion title=”Hourglass Shape”]


Hourglass Attributes

Shoulders and hips are about the same width apart

Medium to large bust

Smaller waist

Curvy hips and bum, but slender thighs


[/accordion] [accordion title=”Pear Shape”]



Pear Attributes

Small to average bust

Neat waist

Shoulders are narrower than hips and thighs (may have to buy a size larger on the bottom half)

Carry your weight down on your thighs as well as hips and bum

[/right][/accordion][accordion title=”Apple Shape”]



Apple Attributes

Broader back and upper body

Medium to large bust

No defined waist and a slight tummy

Slim hips and thighs with slender legs and ankles


[/accordion][accordion title=”Column Shape”]



Column Attribute

Shoulders, waist and hips approx same width

Not much of a defined waist

Average to small bust

Long, lean limbs




What you should do next

I can help YOU build an amazing and flattering wardrobe based on YOUR body shape. Whether you live near me or not, there is a way for us to work together to get you looking the best for your body shape.

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 EDITORS NOTE: Hey guys! Thank you so much for the amazing comments! I’d love to try and help EVERY ONE of your dress the best for you shape but I just can’t get to all the comments about your amazing shapes.

Assessing an individual shape and it’s needs is not always easy to do just via comments but as a starting place why not look into one of the options above? Or if you are STILL really not sure what shape you are, shoot me an email with a quick description, and a full length photo if you can: Email me

Please understand that I don’t offer specific advice on what to wear via email as that is what I do for a living, and the above options cover that for everyone, everywhere!

Thanks for understanding, and remember – these shapes are just a guide to help you work out the best bits of your body! So embrace the shape you have and work it.

Cait xoxo