Don’t worry I didn’t leave the house (but I was wearing my Ugg boots!), yes I’m talking about online shopping. Two words that make my credit card squeal from inside my purse. After a conversation on Friday night with THE most glamorous person I know (hello Kimmy, I mean you) about how she bought not only her shoes and dress, but her husbands shoes online from the US, the boy and I came home and decided to do some browsing….

Everyone is into online shopping these days was our starting point, and to be honest, the boy had much better luck than I did. He is one of those annoying people who looks good in most clothes (broad shoulders and narrow hips) so it was more a case of finding things that I like ehm, he likes.

On the other hand, I tend to be a little more selective about things I buy online. I have curves, I need to try things on. I am probably more of a browser than a buyer online, but I did put a few things into my shopping bag to come back to later.

Both of us also found that the site was really user-friendly! The pictures of the garments are clear, there are several options and all the return and shipping policies were easy to find.

I bought these in white - best bikinis ever! Seriously!

Now I have had a dalliance or two with online shopping before (I bought THE best pair of bikinis I have ever owned online from Victoria’s Secret, and they are WHITE!) but as we know, I am a shopping addict, and part of that is the thrill of the chase, the try-on, the feeling of walking out of the store with a bag full of goodies. I love the physical act of shopping. BUT I do also love the variety of things available online, not to sound like I am mocking my own industry, but Australian fashion can be found wanting sometimes.

My love of shoes has also lead me to dream online – remember when I found that amazing pair of Tory Burch wedges but I was doing ‘No Buy July’ and by the time I was finished they had sold out?!?! (read the original story here). This story has a happy ending however because I found the wedges on another online site – the Saks Fifth Ave online store ( – Can I tell you, I never thought I would buy ANYTHING from one of the most exclusive department stores in the world, but I’m a shoe addict – what can I say.

They are FINALLY on their way to my wardrobe!


So while I was wasting a couple of minutes (read: several hours) of my life, online browsing, I also found another pair of bikinis that I had to have – this time brought to me by Marc Jacobs. I have never owned a Marc Jacobs anything so excite my life when I see the cost of the bikinis – approximately $80 AUS for the whole set!! You almost can’t get a pair of bikinis from David Jones for that price!


My new Marc Jacobs bikinis are on their way! I will NOT be posting a pic of me in these - but I can't wait to hit the beach in them this Summer!


I can safely say that was well and truly the single biggest online store purchase of my shopping career (yes, it is a career!) but I am SOOOOOO excited! In fact, I loved the experience so much that I re-visited the Asos site (which to be honest, left me wanting the first time) and I am proud (?!) to say that I know have a shopping bag full over there too! I am also waiting until my next pay-day to actually hit the “purchase” button on that lot!

My shopping cart - next months pay has already gone bye bye (or should I say buy buy!)


Still not sure online shopping is that easy? Here are a few tips if you are an online newbie:

1. Make sure the online store ships to Australia (or wherever you live) in order to avoid disappointment after finding the perfect shoe/dress/bag and then realising that they don’t ship to Oz!

2. Check your size! Most online stores have a really good size chart – get your measuring tape out and check it people – sizing is different in different parts of the world! (ie. an Australian size 12 = a US size 8.)

3. Check the shipping costs before you hit “purchase” – sometimes the ‘free shipping’ that many of these sites use to draw you in only applies to the states

4. Check you are looking at prices in $AUS (or $ appropriate to where you live). If it’s not available on the site, goggle the exchange rate so you know what you are in for.

5. If you can, get your order shipped to a PO box, or an address that you will be at during that day. I love Aust Post, but I don’t trust them with my Marc Jacobs!

6. Check the returns policy of the website. This will give you peace of mind when purchasing clothes without trying them on. If you have the option to return them, you aren’t risking as much

7. If you are STILL worried – start with purchasing accessories and shoes, they are not quite so tricky to fit as clothes.


Hello my name is Caitlin and I am an online shopping addict.

How about you? Do you/have you shopped online? Where do you shop? (feed my addiction!!)