haha not like that! (but hey, if reading blogs in the nude is what floats your boat, who am I to judge!)

But really, I’m having a love affair with nude at the mo, in particular nude shoes. I think the shoe-buying addiction has heightened with my pregnancy because (luckily) shoes are the only things that still fit me atm!

Nude trend FB image

There are so many gorgeous nude shoes around at the movement, particularly with the influx of Spring styles into stores and I have my eye on ALL of them. Nude is always a good option, it pretty much goes with anything, in any season at any time. PLUS it’s the most flattering colour shoe to wear with a bare leg – it makes them look as LOOOOOONG as the hills!

So I thought I’d do a little nude round up for you to save you some of the hassel of all those hours online – you’re welcome

Best of the nudes_chasingcait

1. Alias Mae “Candice” heels $219.95 | 2. Witchery tie neck shirt $179.90 | 3. Betty Basics dress from The Chasing Cait Shop $59.00 | 4. Essie “Ballet Slippers” nail polish $22.95 from Farmers | 5. Windsor Smith boots from StyleTread $139.95^ | 6. Bendon Yvette lace bra $44.95

BONUS STYLIST TIP: Not all nudes are the same! Match the nude to your skin tone. If you have a tan, a yellow-ish nude it better, if you are paler, try a pink-ish tone. Also, tan is NOT nude! So if you want a shoe that blends into your leg, the lighter the better.

So there are some of my fave nudes around the internet right now (I have those Alias Mae puppies on my wish list AND the StyleTread boots are literally on their way to me so you can see that these really are some of my favourite things!

Are you a fan of the nude? How do you rock it? Tell me in the comments below

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,


^ these are wee affiliate links, which means I make a small commission if you swipe your credit card as a result of seeing it on my blog. But rest assured, all my recommendations are from the heart and products that I believe in. x