This is a little deviation from my usual “1 item, 3 ways” posts, but with the wee growing bump, it’s getting hard to snap my fave pieces on myself, so I thought I’d stick with the theme, and head down a slightly different road this time…..

I know for a lot of people the good old ‘jeans + tee’ is a wardrobe staple, and that’s TOTALLY ok! If it works for you, keep on rocking it, no need to re-invent the wheel here, BUT…

…I do know that sometimes you get a little stale with an old-faithful.

So I wanted to give you some quick style tips on how to change up your usual ‘jeans + tee’ look with the clever use of different accessories.

Remember, the key to VERSATILE dressing, is to use accessories to take your look where it needs to go.

Let me show you what I mean…

Starter Look

Take 1 x jeans, add 1 x tee, like so:

Jeans plus tee_shore CitySHOP THE LOOK: Max Biker Jeans in Indigo $109.99 | Esprit Boat-Neck Stripe Tee in Navy $34.95

Now I want to show you three different ways to dress this look up or down, with a few simple accessories – it’s really as simple as that!

Jeans + Tee Look #1: A Little Daytime Sparkle

Who doesn’t love a bit of extra sparkle in their life!

Add some fun accessories for the school run, or if you’re working from home, and you’ve got an instant lift to your look…

Daytime bling_Jeansandtee_ShoreCity

SHOP THE LOOK: Max Bike Jeans in Indigo $109.99 | Esprit Boat-Neck Stripe Tee $34.95 | Portmans Feather Foil Scarf $29.95 | Merchant1848/Overland Duran Slip-on Sneaker $139.90

Jeans + Tee Look #2: Smart Casual Everyday

This is the perfect combo if you have a more relaxed workplace, or you’re heading out for a day-time meeting or coffee but don’t want to be too over-dressed.

Start with the basics and add some interest with your accessories!

Nothing says “I’m totally on-trend, without trying” this season more than a sleeveless vest. And my fave way to wear it (conveniently) is with a striped long-sleeve tee underneath!

Smart casual jeansandtee ShoreCity

SHOP THE LOOK: Max Bike Jeans in Indigo $109.99 | Esprit Boat-Neck Stripe Tee $34.95 | Mi Piaci ‘Gia’ Ankle Boot $320 | Country Road Merino Longline Vest $279.00 | Glassons Essential Tote $39.99

Jeans + Tee Look #3: A Night Out

Remember, if jeans + tee are your thing, you can totally rock it whenever you want!

In fact, this is one of my favourite looks for a night out to the movies, or an event, or just for dinner.

The pop of red lippy adds a little something, something to a classic, go-to nighttime look.

NightOut Jeansandtee ShoreCity

SHOP THE LOOK: Max Biker Jeans in Indigo $109.99 | Esprit Boat-Neck Stripe Tee $34.95 | Max Tailored Twill Blazer in Ink $159.99 | Portmans Croc Clutch $39.95 | Steve Madden Varcity heels from Hannahs $79.95 (on sale) | Elizabeth Arden “Red to Eear” lipstick $48 from Life Pharmacy

See how easy it is to build on your basic, everyday look for any occasion? All it takes is a little imagination and a few fun accessories and you can do it too!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,


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