Does anybody else like a little “air in their hair?” (please tell me you recognise the reference to the 1990’s Pantene shampoo ads there? No? Right….)

Anyway, I do love adding volume to my hair, I have LOTS of hair (just ask The Boy – he is constantly getting mad at me for the amount he finds on the floor…. and the desk…. and the couch….whatever). I have a lot of hair, but the actual hairs are quite fine so I lack volume – sound familiar?

One of my favourite ways to add a little more oomph is with a soft curl (plus I’m totally girl-crushing on Olivia Polermo and she always has soft curls)

Long or short, I LOVE these curls!

Long or short, I LOVE these curls!

So I thought it was only fair to show all you loves out there how I get my curls in an easy ‘anyone can do it’ way that you can try at home! (because it’s all about making being effortlessly glamorous – with the emphasis on EFFORTLESS dontcha think?)

I have been lucky enough to have a loan of the amazing Cloud Nine wand to try to recreate these curls for myself… here I go! (ps. see if you can spot the time when I burn my fingers on the wand – this is why you should wear the protective glove my loves!! ouchie!)

WARNING: Video with sounds coming – don’t hit play if you are at work and not supposed to be watching this now (Special shout out to Shara, this is a warning for you too – my voice will come out of your tablet when you hit play 🙂

If the video doesn’t appear you can watch it on YouTube by following this link 

Soooooo here are the stills as promised, sorry the light is not the best in the video – doesn’t help that I’m a brunette – it’s harder to see the hair! Hopefully this will give you good idea of the final result.

Still a little hard to see, but trust me - my curls rock!

Still a little hard to see, but trust me – my curls rock!

Now how easy was that (and I only burnt myself once…. well you try using a curling wand with a computer screen as a mirror!) no really, this is one of the easiest hairstyles to do of a morning (or an afternoon, or night) it’s also a great way to help your hair last another day between washes (that is GOLD in my book!) so make sure you give it a go!

Cait xo

RRP for the Cloud Nine wand I used in this post is NZ$320 – call 0800 25 25 30 for stockists details – Cloud Nine is also available from hair salons nationally in both Australia and New Zealand.


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* This product was lent to me by Cloud Nine’s PR agency for a test run.