Before you start panicking, NO I’m not pregnant again! (my mother-in-law just had a heart attack reading this).

But! I do get quite a few requests asking about bump-friendly, and feeding-friendly fashion, so thought it was time I did another post on it.

pregnant bump
Me, pregnant with Elliott in 2018.

There are some gorgeous maternity brands out there, but there are also plenty of ways to either utlize the pieces in your wardrobe already, or to buy things that can take you beyound the pregnancy.

So here are some of my top tips on dressing your bump (and beyond).

1. STRETCH fabric is your friend.

If it’s got stretch, it will more-than likely go over the bump (for most of your pregnancy anyway).

I grabbed myself a whole bunch of long singlets from Just Jeans (see them here) and just went up a size from my normal to give that extra room.

They worked perfectly with skirts (you can then wear the skirt waistband under the bump, like in the pic above) and also with maternity jeans.

Body-con dresses (that would scare us pre-bump) also can be great to show off that tummy. I found these my go-to over the winter stages of my pregnancy, and with a light jacket on top, it was about all I needed to keep warm, seeing as I had an little inbuilt heater on board haha

2. Have fun with ACCESSORIES

You might find that you’d rather wear the same black, stretchy dress everyday, because it’s easy and comfortable – I get that. But don’t be scared to then play with your accessories.

Add a kimono for some colour, or experiment with headbands and shoes that still show off your style personality.

Adding a kimono to a simple jeans and top can add another level of style.

3. For breast-feeding, think about the access…

I know this might sound like common sense, but there really is so much more you can wear when you’re breast-feeding than you think.

When both my girls were a little older, and I was more confident in feeding, I’d often wear an off-the-shoulder top or dress (with a strapless bra) and just pull down one side.

Singlets and dresses with low arm holes were always a good one too – I’d just make sure I had on my “fancy” feeding bra (this one from Rose & Thorne checks the boxes) and I’d just pull the arm whole to the side for access.

This is one of my favourite family photos of all time haha! Luckily I was wearing an off-the-shoulder dress so I could just whip it down and feed Elliott when she started to loose her cool.

Obviously button down dresses, and dresses with specific in-built access work too, so you actually have a whole bunch of options available.

Here are a few of my favourite bump and feeding friendly styles you can get your hands on right now!

1. The Warehouse stretch skirt $23
Great for under the bump when preggers, and then wear after with any tee or tank and lift up for easy access when feeding.

2. Kmart overalls $30
Perfect for breast-feeding as the straps up-button for access. They are a linen blend, so non-stretch, but would work for most of the pregnancy too.

3. Kmart tie waist top $19
This top will cover both stages well! The tie-waist will sit over your bump during pregnancy and then the buttons allow easy access for feeding. A great, slightly dressier alternative than singlets and tees.

4. StyleFast off the shoulder dress $69 (aud)
How stunning is this off-the-shoulder number, and the good news it that it will work for both pregnancy and feeding!

5. PQ Collection peak maxi dress $85 (aud)
This is such a perfect non-maternity pregnancy dress, especially if your don’t want to go all body-con and show off the bump all of the time.
It’s like the peak design at the front was MADE to accommodate a growing bump! (and there are about a GAZILLION colours in this style too)

6. Moolk playsuit $79 (aud)
I LOVE LOVE this Aussie brand. Everything is under $100 and they are all designed to be feeding-friendly, but you can totally wear them once you’ve finished your feeding journey too.

7. Just Jeans basic singlet $19.95
I practically lived in these both pregnancies. They work with everything, can accomodate a growing bump really well and fit a normal bra strap under the straps.
Just choose your fave colours and you’re set!

There are so many more options than there used to be for maternity and feeding in style, it sometimes just takes a little bit of imagination.

Heaps of non-maternity-specific brands are also picking up that people are looking for styles that work in all stages of life, so you can actually search on their websites for maternity or feeding.

Check out LITTLE PARTY DRESS (for maternity, and nursing), BIRDSNEST (for maternity and nursing), and SACHA DRAKE to name a few.

So if you’re expecting, or feeding, or somewhere inbetween, I’ve only got one more thing to tell you …

You’ve got this mumma!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,