Sharing is caring isn’t that right?

I love it when someone compliments me on something I’m wearing, not so much because I think I’m awesome (even though I AM awesome) but because I get to share with someone where I found my cool shoes/bag/dress/necklace. I get to pass on the goodness of MY find, to someone else, in the hope they will get as much enjoyment out of it as I do.

Everything I more fun with your girlfriends don’t you agree? So I’ve got some expert tips on how to have some fun with your girlfriends and fashion.

Have a clothing swap

This is a great way to get a whole new wardrobe, without having to spend a cent! Get a bunch of your besties together at someones house, stock up on your favourite The Sisters Wine (mine is the Rosé) and each bring some clothes along that you don’t wear anymore.

clothing swap

A couple of ground rules to go by

  • Decide how many garments everyone is bringing to keep it even
  • Make sure there are a few people of the same size coming along so there are clothes for everyone
  • Be KIND to your friends when they are trying things on, remember, the most important opinion is the person who is trying the clothes on, if you don’t like it, but they do, that’s all that matters – support a sister in her choices!
  • Give whatever is left behind to a charity

If you’re lucky, you’ll leave with some amazing new items of clothing (without even having pulled out the credit card) AND you will have had a really great catchup with your friends – double yay!

Head to a fashion event with your BFF’s

If you see an event, or function around town that you think might be fun, THEN GO! Call up your mates, tell them to book the date in, frock up and spend some time together enjoy each other’s company (and the clothes of course!)

With Melbourne Cup just around the corner, there are some great long lunches coming up, or you can ALWAYS find an amazing high tea going on somewhere (if you’re in Auckland, I hear The Langham does an excellent one!)

fashion event

Heaps of stores and brands often hold VIP nights, so if you are a regular shopper at a boutique, make sure you sign up to their mailing list to get the info on any upcoming events.

Or why not attend a workshop or a course with your friends? I know a certain Style Basics Workshop that is happening in Auckland in a few weeks that could be great to come along to friends with! Learn about fashion, catch up with your girls, and celebrate with a glass of  The Sisters bubbles at the end – what a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon spoiling yourself.

Go on a girls shopping weekend away

Now this takes time, money and planning, but everyone deserves a holiday right?! As women we often put everyone else first and forget to do things for ourselves, like spending quality time with our amazing friends.

Leave the kids at home with the hubby (pizza for dinner one whole weekend won’t kill anyone!) and hit the road with your girls. Sydney and Melbourne are ALWAYS great destinations for a shopping weekend with your girls (plus The Sisters Wine is stocked in Aussie too so you won’t be short of your fave wine).

Young beautiful women at the weekly cloth market - Best friends sharing free time having fun and shopping in the old town in a sunny day

Have a look at sites like AirBnB for great accommodation options, stick close to the CBD in either city, it’s where the majority of the shops are, plus you’ll be quite central to everything else you need to have an awesome weekend away – restaurants, spas, etc.

So there are three great ideas to start thinking about, but I also have a great idea to start the sharing and caring off! The Sisters Wine are on a mission to acknowledge women for who they are and what they do.  They want to encourage them to do the same and take time out for themselves and to enjoy these special friendships.

Life is busy – we’re always struggling to find time. So stop and take a moment right now to tell your ‘Sisters’ that you think they are incredible to do all the extraordinary things they do, every day. 

They are asking women everywhere to post on their girlfriends’ timelines and social accounts messages of love, support and friendship and share with them #ASistersMoment – find out more here

Jump onto Facebook, Instagram or twitter and tell your BFF’s HOW and WHY they are special to you and add the hashtag #ASistersMoment

I’m heading over on Facebook right now to start sharing with MY girlfriends how amazing I think they are, can’t wait to see you join in!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always

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