body confidenceI’ve had several conversations recently with different people around what I do for a living. Some of them are clients, some are friends, and all of them have seen me doing what I do. And the thing that comes up the most is that I give people back their confidence.

I’ve always struggled with calling myself a  ‘stylist’. I don’t style magazine shoots and I don’t dress celebrities, which is what most people think a stylist does.

My main motivation to doing what I do has always been about giving women back their confidence, their self esteem, and to see them love and appreciate who they are AND the body they have been given – I just happen to do that through fashion and style – which leads to me being labelled a ‘stylist’.

But confidence is a funny thing – it can mean different things to different people. And The Boy brought up a good question – why do we even NEED confidence?

So this one I’m throwing over to you….. What does confidence  mean to you?

Is it feeling like you have your shit together everyday? Is it being able to present to a room full of people and it not scare you. Is it rocking the latest outfit, or having the perfect size 8 body? Or is loving your body stretch-marks, cellulite and all?

In Love & Style
Cait xoxo